Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well I sold my ride,It was a 1992 Geo tracker that I got for free on craigslist.
The young man that had it couldn't get it to start.Changed the battery and cables filter oil and even looked at the ignition switch.Too bad he didn't look at the fuses.
Yep it was a fuse not in right.Seems he had put a stereo in and put a hot wire in too the fuse box.The wrong way too.He put it direct to the fuse and that caused a dissimilar metal to corrode. Well after a damp time it wouldn't start.
So dad bought him a new one and he gave it to me.
I drove it for 3 months and it got 32 mpg had a/c and all i put on it was a mirror.Sold it for 1200.00
Is that a bargain or what?Directory of General Blogs

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Ian Atkin said...

Sounds like a good deal to me!! :)