Sunday, August 5, 2007


Ever have one of those blah days?
Well for me today is that day.It turned out fine when I woke up but I felt different.I knew today was going to be a depressing day but not this low.Yes I'm not crazy its just that ever since my accident I tend to feel the weather changes coming ,the migraines and the depression.I have been keeping a daily diary and it needs to be updated.
I think i will start putting input of the weather just to see if my diagnoses is correct.Because the quacks i mean doctors don't seem to care.
I mean I go to them and then they ask the same boring questions and then when I talk they don't listen or say no one can feel the weather its a wives tail. Yeah right.
It did storm today and rained off and on.
Which is a good thing in the desert but I can't seem to break this depression mode .
Only when I sleep do I not feel it.I can't sleep all the time.
One day I would like to get up and be how I was before the accident.But now only i know I'm down I look the same and dress the same.And people still ignore me because hey I'm a scary looking guy to most.
Need someone to scare you ex I'm the guy.Need to get that friend away from you daughter or son?I'm the one.I did it once for a friend a long time ago.His 12 year old daughter was seeing a 18 year old.He couldn't talk with his daughter or convince her to stop.SO one day at his house he asked me to put the scare in this boy.
All i did was when the 2 came back to the house i just went up to the girl and hugged her which was normal and glared at him with a look that could kill.After being introduced as a close friend the daughter went to get a drink in the kitchen for here boyfriend.Well i used the time to lean over and say that i sure don't want to go to prison again for someone like him.
She complained to her dad the next day that her boyfriend dumped her for some unknown reason.Which gave him the opportunity to say "see I knew he was no good: after that she went back to her own age group never trusting older guys and always asking her parents for advice.Directory of General Blogs

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pamela said...

Hi there. I'm a car accident, severe brain injury survivor so I want you to know...
I hear you.
I understand.
No matter how many times we try to explain, they never seem to really 'get it.'
hang in there- get some sleeping pills, made a world of difference to me and my morning moods.